How to Save My Marriage When My Spouse Wants Divorce


Marriage is not a relation which runs with the effort of only a person; it’s a relationship where both husbands and wife’s presence and responsibility are a musts. How to Save My Marriage When My Spouse Wants Divorce? It is a Question which arises when problems start in relationship and couple has no path to find out the solution. Are you also the one who is going through this situation then a thing which can help you is Muslim astrology. Many of the time it happens in a relationship that some ups and downs occur and cause of that ups and downs couples get little distracted from their relationship and instead of sort out the problem they grab more themselves in that relationship issues. Are you the who is going through the same situation where your loved one wants to get a divorce from you but don’t want that then our Moulana Ji can help you to sort out the problem and can help you to make convince your spouse for not taking divorce and give one more chance to your relationship.

How to keep love alive after marriage

Keeping love alive in a relationship after marriage is not a typical thing but depends upon the couple that how they take their relationship and how much they are responsible for their relationship. Some couple has a good understanding and has courage to solve their relationship problems easily and some are those who get stuck themselves in the problems. And the cause of that all somewhere their relationship also get affected. And love and faction get fed up or vanished if you are the also one who is going from this situation and searching the solution that How to keep love alive after marriage? And wants to save your married life then your Muslim remedies is the perfect solution for you.